Grapefruit Peel Candy

Carol's Grandmother's recipe for candy made from grapefruit peels

Carol’s Grandmother’s recipe for candy made from grapefruit peels

One of the holiday treats at the Ake household is the making of grapefruit peel candy. Carol’s grandmother, Leslie Q. Freeman, made this candy and would have it in a sleigh dish at her house when we visited during the holidays, and in the years since her grandmother has passed away, Carol has carried on the tradition of making the grapefruit peel candy.

The candy is made by boiling the grapefruit peels ten to fifteen times, changing the water each time, in an effort to remove all of the bitterness from the peels. Once they have been boiled enough, they are almost translucent. The peels are then cut into wedges, and are cooked in a gelatin and sugar solution until they reach the proper temperature, when they are removed and placed on wax paper and coated in granulated sugar. They are then dried for several days before they are ready for serving.

They still retain a grapefruit taste, but are much sweeter and almost the consistency of the orange slice candy that you buy in the stores. When the grapefruit candy is all gone, the holidays are officially over.

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